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Solo  /  $105
Duet/Trio (2-3)  /  $55 per dancer
Small Group (4-9)  /  $45 per dancer
Large Group (10-15)  /  $45 per dance
Line (16-20)  /  $45 per dance
Production (21+)  /  $45 per dance
(Fees are per dancer per routine.)

Optional Entries: 
Photogenic  /  $25, $10 additional photos
 Solo Title Award  /  $25 per solo
(please see description below for more information.)

Mini   /   4-6  
Petite   /   7-9 
Junior   /   10-12
Teen   /   13-15
Senior   /  16-18
Adult   /  19+

Please take care in choosing entry level divisions based on the definition given above. Categories are based on dance and competitive experience, as well as level ability.  Judges reserve the right to move a dancer or an act to a higher entry level. 

Dancers who are at a top level of performance with more than five years of studio and competition experience should be placed in the competitive level.  Acts with 50% of dancers who have been assigned in the competitive category will be automatically placed in competitive. Adult acts, as well as production and lines, will automatically be placed in competitive.    
Dancers who have four years or less of studio and competition experience should be placed in the intermediate level.  Acts with 50% of dancers who have been assigned in the competitive category will be automatically placed in intermediate.
Dancers who have two years or less of studio and competition experience should be placed in the beginner level.  Acts with 50% of dancers who have been assigned in the competitive category will be automatically placed in intermediate.
Please take care in choosing entry level divisions based on the definition given above. 

Ballet  /  Tap  /  Jazz  /  Lyrical  /  Hip Hop  /  Contemporary  /  Musical Theater  /  Open
Line and production categories will be broken down into three age levels: 8 and younger, 9-12 and 13-19.
Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group   /   3 minutes
Large Group, Line   /   4 minutes
Production   /   5 minutes


Solo Title Winner

Category winners will be determined by the highest score in a category for that specific age level.  All entry levels will be combined for the results of category winners.  
Technique   /   1-30 points
Performance, Showmanship   /   1-30 points
Choreography   /   1-20 points
Costume    /   1-10 points
Age Appropriateness   /   1-10 points
A final adjudicated score will be based on an average of all judge's scores.

All soloists will receive an adjudicated award trophy. 
All acts will receive one adjudicated award trophy. 

Each competition level lineup will receive neck medals for the spots 1-10 in each age division.  Cash prices will be given for the highest scoring acts in each division. A minimum of three acts in each age division is required to receive cash awards.  Soloists with two or more solos will only be allowed one entry in the overall lineup, however, will be automatically entered into the Solo High Point Award. The high point award will be based on the an average of the two highest scores of solos entered. 

The routine with the highest score for the entire competition will receive the GSHOCK Overall High Point Award.  

All studio acts are eligible for choreography awards.  
Entry scratches due to injury or illness will be given a voucher, at the discretion of management, for the following year for the specific dancer whom scratched.  Entry scratches after the start of the competition will not be issued a refund or a voucher.  Studios that cancel before the schedules are sent out may receive a refund minus any fees incurred during the payment process.  Studios that cancel after the schedule has been sent out will not receive a refund.  If a competition event is canceled for any reason, studios will receive full refunds.  Lost cash award checks will be replaced at 50% the original value.  

Studios who mail their payment in thirty days prior to the competition date will receive a 5% rebate.  Payment amounts must be $2000 or more to qualify for a rebate.  Rebates may not be deducted from the original entry payment.  A rebate check will be given to the studio director at the check-in desk at the competition.

Dancers who run off the stage or stop their performance will be allowed one restart.  Dancers will not be allowed more than one restart.  Dancers who restart will be given a GSHOCK award and will not be eligible for the overall lineup or any special awards.  A refund or voucher will not be given to dancers who restart.  

Props are welcome to the stage, however, GSHOCK will not be responsible for the assembly, care or transportation of props.  Studios are allowed one minute before the act and one minute after the act of move props on and off the stage.  Studios will be monetarily responsible for damages to the marley or the stage due to weights, dragging, sharp points, the assembly or disassembly.  Studios will be responsible for any damages to the venue due to props or any occurrence related to the studio.  GSHOCK cannot guarantee any accommodations for the parking of prop vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc.   

Helium balloons, water, liquid of any kind, fire, smoke,
flower petals, animals, throwing of glitter, sprays, knives, and confetti are strictly prohibited.
The use of any of these items may result in disqualification and GSHOCK reserves the right to change this policy at any time. 

Your entry into a GSHOCK event approves the use of any photos taken on site in GSHOCK literature, website, media or any GSHOCK venture.  

All acts must be age appropriate.  

All dancers must enter the stage from left and right. 
Absolutely no jumping off of the stage at any time. 


Judges decisions are final and based on their professional opinion, not that of the GSHOCK staff.  

GSHOCK will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Items found will not be mailed to any person.  GSHOCK will not take part in any issues concerning choreography, costuming, rights to performance, etc.  

Submission of entries constitutes the following: You agree to release and hereby indemnify Talent GSHOCK DANCE FORCE, LLC and their agents from any and all contracts, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, and/or injuries arising as a result of participation in a GSHOCK DANCE FORCE, LLC event. You further release GSHOCK DANCE FORCE, LLC and their agents from responsibility for any and all loss or damage, court costs, legal fees and/or medical fees. All activities are at your own risk.


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